Rareș Bogdan claims that Iohannis wanted to be President of the European Commission, but it was not to be

Rareș Bogdan has revealed new details from behind-the-scenes negotiations, held on the most important roles in the EU. Klaus Iohannis appears to have missed out on yet another important position, after he had to withdraw from the race to become the head of NATO. The great powers have instead chosen to give their support to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Mr Bogdan said: “At the European institutional level, there are four top jobs. A new position will be created covering European Defence, alongside a role for a Special Representative for Ukraine. I now know that the candidate for the role of President of the Commission is Ursula von der Leyen (…) as for the Special Representative for Ukraine, the position would go to someone from the Renew Group. The S&D Group did not accept for President Klaus Iohannis to become President of the European Council by rotation. I consider him to be a very balanced man, with a lot of respect internationally, so he is capable of occupying any high-level position in the EU”.

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