How Simion tripled the numbers voting for AUR

AUR has managed, in the June 9th elections, to triple the overall number of voters supporting the Party, becoming in the process the main opposition in Romania. With a spectacular increase in its electoral score in Bucharest, and a consolidated presence on the national level, the Party, led by the renowned George Simion, obtained six seats in the European Parliament, and thousands of local councillors.

The GOLDEN Secret: Simion’s Strategy for Success

Without a doubt, AUR was the target of the most lies during the campaign. However, despite the attacks, George Simion managed to develop an intelligent strategy, culminating in the Party becoming the main political opposition in Romania. He led a well-organised campaign, with a clear and attractive message for the electorate. AUR in particular managed to increase its voting numbers four times in Bucharest.

The Big Winners in the European Elections: Six AUR MEPs

Simion’s gameplan has been especially vindicated at this year’s European Elections. AUR has sent six MEPs to the European Parliament, marking a significant victory for the Party, and solidifying its presence on the international stage. Simion topped-off this victory with another – securing approval for AUR to join the European Conservatives & Reformists Group.

AUR managed to transform its challenges into plentiful opportunities, gaining further recognition in both Romania, and Europe. With an impressive increase its vote share, and a much stronger where it counts, in the law-making institutions of Europe, the Party is ready to influence the political future of the country, setting the stage for the move from opposition, to Government.

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