Interview with Marius Lulea: AUR’s Vision for Romania and Europe

Interview with Marius Dorin Lulea, First Vice-President of AUR

– Let’s start with recent and important news: AUR has been unanimously approved to join the group of European MEPs, ECR. How do you view this achievement?

Marius Lulea: We are very excited about this achievement, as it reflects the recognition and acceptance of our values at the European level. Joining the ECR group provides us with a broader platform to promote our ideas and contribute to shaping European policies.

– You mentioned that AUR is a Romanian patriotic party. How does this align with your support for NATO and the European Union?

Our patriotism is not in contradiction with our support for NATO and the European Union. We believe in a Europe of sovereign nations, where each state retains its identity and sovereignty but collaborates for the common good. We are pro-NATO because it ensures the security of Romania and our allies, and pro-EU because the European Union offers significant economic and social opportunities. It is essential for us to be part of these alliances to ensure a prosperous and secure future for our citizens.

– You also mentioned condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. What is AUR’s position in this context?

AUR strongly condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. It is an unacceptable act of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state. We support sanctions and appropriate measures to respond to this aggression and to support Ukraine in defending its legitimate rights.

– In your political program, you emphasize support for farmers and entrepreneurs. What concrete initiatives do you propose in these areas?

For farmers, we propose policies to ensure easy access to subsidies and resources, modernization of agricultural infrastructure, and promotion of local products in the European market. For entrepreneurs, we aim to reduce bureaucracy, simplify access to funding, and create a favorable tax environment for startups and SMEs. We want Romanian farmers and entrepreneurs to have all the necessary tools to succeed and contribute to the national economy.

– Another important point is your support for families with many children and for boosting natality. What initiatives do you have in mind in this regard?

We aim to implement policies that directly support families with many children, such as increased allowances, tax benefits, access to quality education and healthcare. Additionally, we will promote affordable housing programs and encourage measures that make it easier for families to balance professional and personal life. Natality is crucial for the nation’s future, and we need to create an environment where families feel supported and encouraged to have children.

– How do you view the idea of a guaranteed European minimum income?

We support the introduction of a guaranteed European minimum income that ensures a decent standard of living for all EU citizens. This would reduce social inequalities and provide a safety net for the most vulnerable. We believe such a program is essential to combat poverty and promote social cohesion within the European Union.

– You’ve also mentioned increasing production assets and transforming the European Union into a major international political power. Could you elaborate on these visions?

We want to revitalize the production sector in Europe, invest in advanced technologies, and create quality jobs. Increasing production assets will ensure Europe’s competitiveness globally and contribute to economic security. Regarding transforming the European Union into a major political power, we believe we need a coherent and strong foreign policy, to strengthen our defense capabilities, and to promote democratic values and human rights on the international stage.

– Thank you very much for your answers, Mr. Lulea Marius Dorin. Do you have a final message for our readers?

Thank you as well. My message to the readers is that AUR will continue to fight for Romania’s interests and its citizens within the European Union and NATO. We are committed to building a future where every Romanian feels protected, respected, and prosperous.

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